How to Rank and Rent Websites

Learn How to Retire in Luxury!

How to Rank and Rent Websites

Master Being A Virtual Real Estate Tycoon With Numerous Websites Rented Out To Mostly Offline Business Owners Who Happily Pay You Month After Month To Have Your Sites Generate A Constant Flow Of New Leads For Them!

And when done properly, once you set things up it’s virtually hands-free 🙂

From Your Instructor: Willie Crawford
October 11, 2020

Rank And Rent Expert Willie Crawford

Thanks for dropping by and considering allowing me to teach you the art and science of ranking and then renting website to business owners.

I’ve been buying and selling, as well as ranking and renting domain names for much of the past 11 years.

As shared in the interview accessible here, this can be extremely profitable.

At the same time it is also often a challenge for many who try it.

The MOST difficult part is locating  business owners to rent domains to (with or without developed sites).

Many people when first introduced to domaining, get carried away and invest in a ton of domain names, while at the same time bogging down when trying to monetize their portfolios.

At the request of several friends and clients who were struggling with this very issue, am teaching a six-week workshop on ranking and then renting domains.  The training will start on October 22nd, but it’s OK for you to join now.  You can simply catch up at your own pace.

Since many business owners will often want to just buy your domain outright, I’m also covering the steps involved in selling domain names.

I’m sharing EXACTLY how I do this, providing you with step-by-step checklists!

I’ll also share with you the biggest mistakes that I’ve noticed people make.

The weekly training will started on Thursday, May 7th, 2020, and will be conducted via webinar, from  8-9pm EST each Thursday.   Each session will be approximately 1 hour, with additional time allotted for questions at the end of each session.

Each session will be recorded, and the recordings will be made available to all registered attendees as MP4 videos, MP3s audio, and PDF transcripts.  I’ll also provide additional supplemental materials, as appropriate.

Since I semi-retired at the end of March, and now work no more than 1-2 hours per day, I will probably not offer this workshop again. The 1-2 hours that I work each day is mostly used to manage people who operate the businesses that I still own after semi-retiring.

Until the six weeks of the workshop are complete, I will put in as many hours as necessary to make sure that you really grasp all of the steps involved in ranking and renting websites.

I will offer the recordings from the workshop to the general public after the  workshop is complete, but there will be no live training or opportunity to ask your personal questions.

Items Covered During The Workshop Will Include:

How To Choose And Verify Profitable Niches To Target

How To Buy Domains And How To Do It Where It Gives You An Unfair Advantage

How To Set Up Your Website So That They Are Super Attractive To Potential Renters

More Than A Dozen Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Domain Ranks On The First Page Of Google FAST (Hopefully In The #1 Spot) And Stays There

How To Ensure That You Don’t Intentionally Or Accidentally Violate Google’s Rules And Get Your Site BANNED

How And Where To Outsource The Work Involved In Setting Up Your Website.  I Teach You A Very Simple System That Anyone Can Follow, But If You Prefer Not Doing ANY Of The Work, I Also Teach You How To Make That A Reality

How To Determine Your Optimum Price

How To Get Paid Automatically Each Month

How To Identify Your Ideal Tenants

Ways To Get Potential Tenants Contact Information

Numerous Ways To Contact Potential Tenants

How To Set Expectations So That Your Tenants Are More Than Thrilled With You.. And Refer You To Many Of Fellow Business Owners That They Know

How To Set Up Tracking So That Your Tenants See Indisputable Proof That Their New Clients And Customers Are Coming Because Of Your Rented Site(s)

How To Increase Your Bottom-Line By Offering Additional Products And Services To Tenants, WITHOUT Increasing Your Workload

… And So Much More!

The six weeks of training is easily worth $997.  I’ll be sharing tactics, tips and techniques understood by a tiny fraction of people who consider themselves professional domainers.

While the training IS easily worth $997, I’m not a greedy man, and want it to be affordable to anyone who is willing to roll up his sleeves and put in a little work. So many people  were put out of work by COVID-19, and this is the ideal way from some to replace their lost incomes.

So, for a limited time, you can get into my six-week workshop for only $197.  If I ever find myself doing another live workshop, it will definitely cost several times as much.

You’re getting  in for a steal and because when I do my launch of the finished product, near the end of June, I hope to have done such an excellent job teaching you that you will happily give me a testimonial.

I’ll work very hard to EARN that testimonial from you.

I’ll do everything within my power to make you a massive success… All that you need to do is show up ready to follow the steps that I teach  you.

Please use the button below to register now, before the workshop fills up:

Only $1997 $997 today!

Since I’m personally teaching the sessions, and making myself available to answer questions between sessions, I can only reasonably handle so many apprentices.  When I feel like I have maxed out, I will simply take down the order button and stop accepting new students.

I do offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

If within the first 30 days of training starting, you do not feel that you are getting MUCH more than your money’s worth, simply let me know via my help desk, and I’ll issue an immediate 100% refund.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime personal training from a proven master at domaining.

I look forward to working with you.


Willie Crawford


While teaching Session 1, my students and I were enjoying it so much that I decided to throw in three unannounced bonuses.   I’m giving those to all new students too!  Those bonuses are:

  1. A Private Facebook Group – This group is a place for you and I to discuss all things pertaining to Ranking and Renting websites.  It’s where I will often pass along additional resources, and I’ve decided to allow students to Buy and Sell domain names to each other there.   I’ve noticed that some domainers tend to work better with business owners in certain niches, so if students find themselves with domain names outside of niches that they don’t want to focus on, they can now offer them to fellow students.

2.  A Free Domain Name, Valued At At Least $1000 By GoDaddy’s Valuation Tool –  I will provide you with a list of hand-selected domain names to choose from.  You choose one, and I “Push” that domain name to your account at your registrar.  You are free to do whatever you choose with that domain name to include simply selling it.

3.  A 30-Minute One-On-One Consultation (A $400 Value) – The consultation is for us to discuss any aspect of ranking and renting websites.  Ideally, we do this fairly early in your training to avoid you doing things that are counter-productive due to your misunderstanding the process.  I’ll give you access to my online calendar, and you simply schedule yourself during an open date and time.  If you want to delay that consultation until later in the training, that is OK too.  You use the consultation when YOU are ready.

The consultations are conducted using my Zoom webinar platform.   I’ll record the consultation and provide you with the MP4 of the call, so you don’t even need to take notes!

Go Ahead And Sign Up NOW while it’s fairly easy to catch up with your fellow students.   The recordings from previous sessions are waiting for you 🙂

Here’s what one student currently going through the training had to say:

And another student posted this on Facebook after the first training session:

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